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1. Appspector:  A great tool to see what a website is built with and what technology it has.

2. Canonical: Great tool for checking the canonical urls 

3. Redirect Path: Really useful to see if there are any forms of redirects.

4. META SEO Inspector: Overall SEO inspector

5. BuiltWith: Useful tool to see what software a company is using, great for when you're investigating a potential new

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Here Few Best Well-known SEO Tools :
Most of them are already be familiar with these free tools.
Google Keyword Suggest Tool - SEOChat.com
Google Keyword Adwords Planner Tool
Google Web Master Tool
Bing Web Master Tool
Google Tag Manager
Google Data Studio
Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool
Google Trends
Moz Keyword Explorer
Backlink Watcher
Who Is
Moz Open Site Explorer (OSE) & MozBar

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