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Above the Fold Ads and Google

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On January 19, 2012 Google announced on their Inside Search blog their algorithm has been adjusted to consider how much advertising you have above the fold. Page layout algorithm improvement


For those who don't know what above the fold is: Above the fold goes back to the days of actual printed full sized newspapers. Remember they were folded in half? The top half area was considered above the fold. On the internet above the fold refers to the top area of your web page the visitor sees when they first arrive. Unlike a newspaper, the above the fold area on a screen varies depending on how big the person's monitor is and how big they have the browser opened.


There has been quite a bit of reaction since this came out.


SEOBook's reaction: From AdSense to SpamSense to Spam Cents


Search Engine Watch: Google’s New Page Layout Update Targets Sites With Too Many Ads


Don't why there is such a fuss. It was mentioned months ago that it would be coming.

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Google suggest putting adsense ads at the top of the page to max revenue then penalise you for doing so?

A Mazing!

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One "rule" for Google one for everyone else?

Why would Google want their ads hidden at the bottom of pages.

So why would they penalise site that displayed them prominently and lose some of their revenue by reducing traffic to those sites.

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One thing is user experience. If I'm using StumbleUpon for example and land on a page where all I see is ads I just keep on going.


The other thing is some sites are made for Adsense which means their pages are full of Adsense ads with very little actual valuable content. If you think about it, people are not going to stay on those sites very long either = lost revenue for all parties concerned.


The bots read the web page coding from top to bottom (just like the browser). If they can't get to some valuable content quickly it becomes obvious that the web page is poorly coded. They would probably be smart enough to detect ad coding also. If this is so, and the top of your coding is full of ad coding you get caught.


You can, through CSS, put the coding for ads (and other things) at the end of the web page coding and manipulate it's placement visually.

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