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Found 4 results

  1. I need a low cost and resourceful plan to host a forum with and I wonder which plan would you opt for being in my place: hostround.com or libertyvps.net?
  2. Resseller account or VPS?

    I have shared hosting account with hostwinds. And now I want to start selling hosting services for some people. What is better to start with reseller account or maybe VPS/dedicated? What are pros and cons for both?
  3. Hi, I need a new VPS and i am preferring this website. Some of my friends recommended them to me. I am just reconfirming. Do any of you use their service? How are they?
  4. When individuals seek offers for VPS servers, often they ask for particular location of server. Wheter the proximity of physical location or distance between server an user have any impact on performance of any applications that run on vps?