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  1. Pheobe Downer

    How can a financial company improve compliance policies?

    Hi @Cherrysmile. Sorry it took me a year to read your reply. I didn't receive a notification. I guess my answer won't matter anymore :S
  2. Pheobe Downer

    Buying Backlinks

    Is it still effective when you buy backlinks or it will be just a waste of $$$? Thanks.
  3. Pheobe Downer

    Facebook or Instagram

    Hi. I need some of your suggestions. Which one is better when it comes to promoting your business? Thanks.
  4. Pheobe Downer

    Windows 8.1 is horrible!

    I don't either like Windows 8. My favorite is Windows 7.
  5. Pheobe Downer

    Best vacation

    The best vacation so far was our Boracay Trip. It's one of the best summer destinations in the Philippines.
  6. Pheobe Downer

    murphy bed question

    If your purpose is for guest use only then it's good to have it. The best about it is it can be hidden and it will save space.
  7. Pheobe Downer

    Tiny house ideas

    That video is cool. Great ideas and suggestions!
  8. Pheobe Downer

    The best pillow

    I used Mediflow Waterbase Pillow. It's good for the neck.
  9. Pheobe Downer

    Personal Development

    I would love to see that but when I checked, it says "page not found."
  10. Pheobe Downer

    Push notifications

    Not sure if I understood what you meant here. But we use pushcrew.com if sending push notifications.
  11. Pheobe Downer

    How to deal with problematic co-worker

    They said it was an "honest mistake". I sense that there is favoritism in this situation. This particular co-worker is also going to therapy sessions called insight therapy. When I googled it, this article gave some information that it is a therapy for OCD.
  12. Pheobe Downer

    recommend cool service

    I'm still not convinced about bitcoins. Is this even legit?
  13. Pheobe Downer


    Thank you for sharing this information about back links.
  14. Hello All! I have a co-worker who was caught stealing food items from our office fridge. Our CCTV camera caught this tape, but still, he denied this. For me, this is a serious offense and HR should be on top of this. What's your opinion on this?
  15. Pheobe Downer

    HI! I'm Dora!

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum.