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  1. Have you noticed all these weird referrals in your Google Analytics stats? Here is How to Stop Spam Bots from Ruining Your Analytics Referral Data from Moz http://moz.com/blog/how-to-stop-spam-bots-from-ruining-your-analytics-referral-data Note: I was looking at my Awstats just before coming here today and the little buggers are adding their url to your domain url and creating 404 errors in the process. e.g. www.yourdomainname.com/www.theirspammyurl.com/pagename.htm
  2. Useful SEO tools

    Why do you think these are useful for SEO specifically?
  3. Facebook Newsfeed Changes

    Not many of the small business owners I know have a blog but if they were using social media properly then yes, they would have their mailing list(s) to fall back on.
  4. Facebook Newsfeed Changes

    I have always wondered why some invest their whole business' internet presence on 3rd party sites. Any of these sites could close at a moment's notice and then you would not be able to redirect your followers/customers to your new location. In addition to the announcement referred to above Facebook has also announced that it will be adding local news to your feed to combat fake news.
  5. Directory Listings

    I try to make each one different myself.
  6. Directory Listings

    When you do a directory listing do you make each unique or copy and paste the same thing for each listing?
  7. Canadian server provider

    Their IP address is in Switzerland so how can you claim they are a Canadian server provider. Data Center: Equinix, Switzerland
  8. Hello from the USA :)

    Hello. Welcome to the fourm.
  9. On page techniques

    Perhaps instead of just listing these techniques you could explain each for readers.
  10. Tablet Security

    What have you done or are using to secure your tablet in case you loose it?
  11. Blogging Trends for 2018

    What do you think will be the latest blogging trends in 2018? Please back up your opinion with a resource or some reliable data.
  12. Local business schema is for specific local businesses' own sites not for each of your listings.
  13. How to deal with problematic co-worker

    What has the HR department said they are going to do about this?
  14. Bitcoin VPS in Europe?

    There is a thread already discussing bitcoin and web hosting here: http://forum.massivelinks.com/topic/31027-recommend-cool-service/
  15. Dealing with a right host

    Considering you have praised the quality of these web hosting companies it makes one wonder the validity of your recommendations.
  16. SEO Audit for a website?

    I use different tools including manual review. I have found Screaming Frog quite useful in pointing out issues in a site.
  17. How to install google analytics into APP

    Did you read this from Google Analytics? Analytics for mobile apps https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2587086?hl=en
  18. Something wrong with your sitemap? Duplicate content?
  19. Is there Future for Local Search Engines

    I suppose if you built it better (as with anything) people will use it. You just have to get the word out.
  20. How to grow my classified site traffic?

    Where are those visitors coming from? What advertising have you done?
  21. From Google: Acquisition: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3157419?hl=en#acquisition Audience: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1012034?hl=en
  22. What are the best way to get backlinks

    You didn't like the answers you got on the other forums you asked this?
  23. Why Google has introduced "I am feeling lucky" option?

    It has been there for years. You only just noticed it?
  24. Google SERP

    There are no simple steps. It takes hard work.
  25. How much does SEO cost? - depends on whether you do it yourself or hire someone. If you do it yourself you have to consider the time you put in doing it when you could be doing something money making (if you have a business website). How long does it take to get rankings? - depends on the quality of your content and the SEO methods you have used. A new site could appear to be doing really well initially but then it settles where it belongs in the ranking. How long will it take to see increased traffic? - like SEO efforts depends on what you have done and if those who visit like your content.