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  1. Review for my site

    Hi, I created website that teaches users anything they need to know about Kodi, The site is still new but I add new content regularly,[/size] The site is based on WordPress but I changed the theme and the code of the site. I will be happy to hear what do you think about the site. Any feedback will help :slight_smile: Here is the link: kodibeginner.com/
  2. Please review ConvertForFree.com

    Thanks I will fix it.
  3. Please review ConvertForFree.com

    Hi, I have created a website dedicated for conversions. I intend to put there almost every converter or calculator you can think of, and the site already contains many. Please review my site, tell me if you like it and what should be improved. My site: Online Conversions convertforfree.com Thank you!
  4. Feedback about the site I designed

    It happens to me too Games are really addicting
  5. Feedback about the site I designed

    Thank you all, your feedback is really helpful. I am really glad you liked the simplicity of the design.
  6. Feedback about the site I designed

    Thanks it is really fun to hear
  7. Feedback about the site I designed

    Hi nixwebo, Thanks for the site. I also like blue, as you can see from my site
  8. Feedback about the site I designed

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and compliments, I appreciate it. I will work on the color scheme and improve it. Do you have any recommendations for it?
  9. Feedback about the site I designed

    Hello, The site I designed is for free online games. The design is simple and easy to use, not bloated like many game sites I know. It should be be clear from the first second you enter, that this is a game site. I would like to hear what you think about it. Do you like the design? What should be improved? Any comments will be welcomed. The website: Games to Enjoy Thanks you all