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  1. KVChosting.net and yourlasthost.com VPS deals are provided on sweet terms and I wonder which one is better to sign p with and why?
  2. Suissrack.com and hosting.uk servers are nice for me and I wonder which way is better to sign up with?
  3. I am looking for reviews of assistninja.com virtual assistance services - how quality are they?
  4. Comparing servers from yourlasthost.com and oissite.com, which plan should I buy? I intend to host a forum with them.
  5. I'm looking for a reliable and trustworthy server to host a heavy website with and I bare in my mind two hosts: hostingsource.com and oissite.com, which one would oyu have a deal with if you were me?
  6. I need a low cost VPS account and I wonder which plan is better to follow comparing deals from libertyvps.net and oissite.com?
  7. Swisslayer.com and oissite.com servers are nice for me and I wonder which one is better to buy to succeed in the IT industry?
  8. Have you ever tried Blazingfasthost.com services? How fast and reliable are they?
  9. trevsiv

    VPS deal ... where from?

    These hosts - hostround.com or libertyvps.net - are solid and reliable and prices are competitive. Support is online around the clock. They are fast and prompt.
  10. Hostwinds.com and QHoster.com have attractive plans which are Wordpress-friendly. And their prices are affordable for me and I need to know which plan is better to sign up with?
  11. trevsiv

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    I think hostwinds is the best company to have a deal with. They provide very knowledgeable support: they are available 24 hours a day. Respond to ticket (or chat) in few minutes and the operators are accurate and competent. Fast servers and 100% uptime.
  12. Which VPS (OISsite and QHoster) would you advise me to try? What do you think of these providers?
  13. trevsiv

    MineCraft Servers

    Barbariannetworks.com servers are solid and stable. They have no downtime and network is fully-redundant.
  14. Is libertyvps.net the best offshore VPS provider? Are they as good as they are spoken about?
  15. trevsiv

    Hostwinds vs QHoster

    You know Hostwinds as well as QHoster companies are worth trying. Their cost efficiency is very high considering the below-average prices and account specifications correlation. Any host is welcome IMHO.