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  1. 2cloud.eu and suissrack.com servers are affordable and enticing for me and I wonder which one would you opt for being in my place?
  2. goody75

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    I need a quality Wordpress service for hosting my blog and two hosts are in my mind: hostwinds and hostround. So which way is better to follow?
  3. I need to know your opinions about services from libertyvps.net and suisserack.com and I wonder if you have to choose between them, what's your would-be choice?
  4. goody75

    Server to have a deal with

    Both mentioned companies - KVChosting.net and Rackend.com - are worth every cent you pay for their services. Their website and tools are clear and easy to understand. If you need help the support team are always there and are polite, professional, helpful and so very fast!
  5. I need reviews of rockhoster.com, how quality are they?
  6. I'm looking for a low cost Canadian server provider and think of having a deal with swisslayer.com, are they the best?
  7. Libertyvps.net and legionbox.com provide attractive VPS accounts and I am in two minds which one should I buy and why?
  8. I'd advise you to use a VPS from time-tested companies, I mean legionbox.com and oissite.com. Their genius support team is extremely responsive, and routinely goes above and beyond their advertised scope.
  9. goody75

    Dealing with a right host

    KVChosting.net is good enough to sign up with. Their prices are low and network is fully-redundant. You have always been helped quickly, and efficiently in a professional manner.
  10. goody75

    MineCraft Servers

    As I know barbariannetworks.com is the best in delivering MineCraft Servers. Prices are low and support is helpful and fast.
  11. goody75

    Cheap VPS in UK

    Hosting.co.uk is right to have a deal with due to their quality services. All their VPS can be tested for 1 GBP per month, if you order a VPS, the first month is 1GBP This month Special: Limited time discount codeā€¦ 15% off all hosting packages Enter this code at checkout: special15off.
  12. I'd draw your attention to services from linovus.hosting, services are full-featured and prices are low. Always quick responses to any of customers' needs! Technical assistance has been great.
  13. I ask you for help in choosing a right SEO hosting account and I bare in my mind - seohost.com, do you know them? Do you have any personal experience with them?
  14. I wonder if hostround.com provides the cheapest and fastest website builder? Want to try their services as they have provided it on lovely conditions. So I have decided to ask you, guys, about their services. Thanks.
  15. iFastNet.com and hostingsource.com provide SSD shared plans which are able to satisfy all my needs and I need to know which way is better to sign up with? And why? What would you do being in my place?
  16. I'd use services from webhostingbuzz.com beacuse of their reliability and server stability. Servers work with no glitches and prices are low. Support is helpful and troubleshooting.
  17. DDoS-guard.net services are great and reliable in delivering DDoS protection in a webmaster-friendly manner. They can protect websites, servers, game servers, data centers, etc. against DDoS attacks in a quality way. Good job!
  18. I vote for ifastnet.com, they have resourceful plans with SSD technology which makes load speed fast and there is no downtime on them. There is a free firewall which blocks hacks to many popular scripts. Support is second to none.
  19. What quality SSD VPS provider in South Africa do you know? Hostafrica.co.za is in my mind, have oyu know how they work in reality?
  20. I'd recommend you to use services from Qhoster.com and Solvps.com, their VPS accounts are able to satisfy all your demands, the OP. The combination of low prices, high uptime and resourceful plans makes them attractive for many webmasters.
  21. Well DDoS protection services from ddos-guard.net are worth every cent you pay for their services. They make your websites 100% DDoS protected. And they have quality and active support. Prices are competitive.
  22. goody75

    keenweb.co.uk vs stratus4.com

    Plans from keenweb.co.uk and stratus4.com are attractive for me and I have to opt for the best one, what is that? Can you help me out?
  23. goody75

    Portugal Servers

    It seems to me servers from pirateshosting.net and veeble.org can be suitable for your demands. Their dedicated servers are designed to deliver an optimum combination of affordability, flexibility, reliability, and most importantly, a higher-level of security that makes your hosted environment complete.
  24. goody75

    .com under $4

    As I know eWallHost.com is a trustworthy domain registrar with bulk domain registration service and many more attractive features. Prices are very low.
  25. goody75

    offshore shared account is needed

    As I know warez-host.com provides the best and most reliable services which are worth all your demands. Prices are competitive. Support is helpful around the clock.