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  1. Fabio Cuffaro

    Cost per acquisition or maximize conversion?

    When you say "maximize conversion", I assume that you mean getting the most conversions possible, without consideration of CPA. The CPA is an important metric to follow and improve because this will dictate if the leads are profitable. If the CPA is $90 and the sales closing ratio is 50% (This is a sample ratio and quite high, but I am using this as an example to make a point.), the cost per sale will come in at $180. Knowing the profit margin is key in determining the profitability and target CPA. Let's assume that the margin is 50% and you are selling a one time $200 service or item. This means that the Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) or Cost Of Sale (COS), is $100. With a CPA of $180, the company is losing $80/sale. The initial stages of a campaign, the CPA is less important because what is needed is conversion data. You need to learn what works and what doesn't. As the conversion data comes in, you can start optimizing the campaigns and work towards the target CPA. Ultimately, the CPA is more important than the number of conversions since we need to consider profitability.
  2. Fabio Cuffaro

    Facebook Newsfeed Changes

    In regards to the news, I think this is a good move on their part. It'll help promote local newspapers/TV stations and have news that's more relevant to the individual. The issue with building only on social platforms is that the list of followers is not "owned" by the publisher, it is rented, and so is the page that they are building on. Coming up with a strategy to drive traffic, engagement and increasing the newsletter subscription can be of great benefit. If ever anything goes wrong with the third-party platform, they can fall back on their blog subscribers.
  3. Fabio Cuffaro

    Facebook Newsfeed Changes

    On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that there will be changes to the content that you see in your newsfeed. The focus will now be shifting "from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions." What does this mean for publishers? Here's Mark's answer. "As we roll this out, you'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard -- it should encourage meaningful interactions between people." I share my philosophy with the companies that I work with about social networking and the importance of considering their blog as a platform to engage users with. Often, companies will focus on building their followers and content strategy for the social accounts but won't put as much effort and focus on their blog. The company's website should be considered as the center of a spoked wheel, where all efforts online point back to it. The content and followers on a social platform are subject to the rules and policies of the company that owns it. Companies that have business pages are subject to the same rules, and the rules keep on changing. For this reason, it is imperative for businesses and individuals with an online following to start placing more effort into their website and blog. This way, they can control the fate of their posts and followers. This does not mean that their efforts should stop on social platforms, it just means that to protect themselves, developing a strategy for their properties should be a top priority in 2018 and beyond. Please share your thoughts on the Facebook changes and potential strategies for publishers.
  4. Fabio Cuffaro

    Directory Listings

    That's a great question! Ideally, each listing that you submit should be unique to avoid any duplicate content. This may give your listing a better possibility of getting some organic traffic from the search engines to the listing in the directory.
  5. We have just updated to the latest forum software. I hope that you like the new look and experience. This new version is mobile friendly, so you can now easily access the site via a mobile device. There has been a change when you log into your account now. Rather than inputting your username, you will have to use your display name. If you can't remember your display name, click on "Forgot your password?" and add your email address. Within the email, you will see your display name. If there are any issues that you notice, please post them here. Thank you!
  6. Fabio Cuffaro

    Mining Competitors’ Backlinks

    There are many tools out there. You could just do a Google search for one, but here's one worth considering if you are willing to pay a subscription fee https://www.semrush.com/
  7. Sometimes thoughts come to me and I like to write them down. Here is today's thought. Perfectionism and procrastination often go hand-in-hand. It is better to start something and work at it versus trying to make it perfect and never starting. Strategizing and planning are key to one's success, but remaining in this state, trying to make it perfect, is paralyzing, and the dream of being successful will only be that - a dream.
  8. Fabio Cuffaro

    Paid Marketing

    Paid marketing should be part of any digital marketing strategy. Startups run on shoestring budgets, but as soon as it can, websites/companies should start using paid channels to help them meet their goals. Relying solely on Organic is quite risky and limits the potential of the website.
  9. Fabio Cuffaro

    Why is there nothing about B2B marketing?

    I can't say why B2B is not discussed on this board, but it clearly is important. There are companies whose primary clients are other businesses so they would need online marketing strategies to acquire clients from the Internet. Large companies sometimes are slow to adopt a technology and stick to the way they have always acquired clients; cold calls, events, referrals and so on. Developing an online strategy for these companies will be crucial as the internet continues to be more integrated into our daily lives.
  10. Fabio Cuffaro

    Buying e mail addresses - Bulk e mail marketing

    Jasper, I would not recommend buying email lists. The people that are on the list may have opted-in somewhere, but they did not opt-in to your email campaign. You may have some success with using these email lists, but if you are using your brand, you are associating it with spamming.
  11. Fabio Cuffaro

    Want to learn PPC Marketing

    Hi, You can look into different tutorials or lessons. Lynda.com offers video lessons for a fee https://www.lynda.com/Google-AdWords-training-tutorials/488-0.html. There is also Udemy https://www.udemy.com/learn-google-adwords-course-for-beginners/ or you can become AdWords certified https://support.google.com/partners/answer/3154326 Ideally, you would want to be able to run a small campaign at the same time. Nothing compares to hands on training.
  12. Fabio Cuffaro

    Setting Up Gmail Alias on Blackberry 10

    It's stored on the computer. You also get the online version. Unlike Google Apps, Office 365 has desktop and online version. By downloading to the desktop, your files remain on the PC, or local, if you have a server.
  13. Fabio Cuffaro

    Setting Up Gmail Alias on Blackberry 10

    Thank you! Have you considered getting Office 365? You can get it for $10 USD per month
  14. Fabio Cuffaro

    Setting Up Gmail Alias on Blackberry 10

    PC to Mac This past week I ditched my Windows 10 PC and decided to try out Mac. The decision has had its consequences. The issue so far has been email. I've used Outlook for years and I pay for Office 365 so I downloaded Office 365 to my new Mac and set up the emails. The main issue is spam. I use about 10 email addresses and they each get tons of spam. With Windows I had purchased a spam monitoring program that installs itself in Outlook and filters out the spam. It did a great job, but unfortunately they don't have a version for Outlook on Mac. This lead me to seek alternatives to Outlook, which brought me to Google Apps. Google Apps I had never considered Google Apps since I was quite happy with Outlook. I am not a fan of Gmail, but I decided to give it a try since there's a 30 day free trial. I quickly learned that managing multiple emails is not as easy as Outlook. Since all email is handled through the host, all one has to do is add each email in Outlook and they all come into a main inbox. When I set up a second email in Google Apps, it created a new user with its own inbox. This is not convenient, especially that one has to pay for each user. Through some research I discovered that one can add aliases to the main account and have all emails in one inbox. Perfect! Well not exactly. Doing this alone, will have all incoming emails sent to one inbox, but when you reply, it'll reply using the main email address. Through more research, I discovered that there's a simple solution. So now, everything works, right? On Gmail yes, but when I tried adding the email addresses to my Blackberry Passport, I came across a new problem. Blackberry Email Set Up The other issues are well documented. Setting up Gmail aliases on Blackberry, not so much. That's what prompted me to to write this post. After much research and attempts, I figured it out. It's quite simple actually. Of course, it always seems easy once you know how to do it. To set up Gmail on Blackberry is easy. You add the email address, click submit and then Blackberry leads you to your Google account so that you can assign permission for Blackberry to access the account. This is the error that people make when adding the Gmail alias. If you do this, when you reply, it'll use the main email address. Follow the instructions below to add your Gmail alias. To set up your alias, go to your email settings and click Add Account. Then the next step is what makes all the difference. You must click Advanced at the bottom so that you can add the information manually. Finally, once you're in the Advanced section, click on IMAP. (You must have IMAP enabled in Gmail) For the fields, here's what you need to use: Username: the main gmail email address Email address: your alias address Password: your password Server Address: imap.gmail.com SMTP Username: the main gmail email address SMTP Password: your password SMTP address: smtp.gmail.com Click done! That's it! Now when someone emails that alias, you will receive email to that inbox on Blackberry, and when you reply, it'll use the alias address.
  15. Fabio Cuffaro

    Have You Upgraded to Windows 10?

    I chose to go with the Mac Mini. I have dual display, so there was no need for additional monitors. It also allowed me to minimize the cost of switching over. I didn't want to invest too heavily at first, seeing that I have no experience with Mac and wasn't sure if I would have liked it. In your case, I can understand. If you have several computers to switch over, it can be quite the investment.