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  2. leniwey

    How to improve development process?

    To improve the development process, you need to contact the company or the developers who specialize in this matter. I contacted the company for the development of enterprise applications for mobile devices. They optimized and improved all the processes in my application.
  3. Johny

    Shared hosting advantages and disadvantages

    We are going to move from VPS to shared Hosting. I hope that this hosting provider will be more reliable than previous one. Still looking to hear about your experience working with Shared Hosting.
  4. Johny

    VPS deal to buy?

    Price.. Then it come to host providers, I find out that even cheap provider are reliable and they provider support whenever needed.
  5. Johny

    4 Tools To Help Generate Content Ideas

    We tried to use Spezify atwork... But the majority of my co-workers are older than 45, so they didn't get why they should to use Spezify instead of pencil and paper to generate ideas... So, we put away this tool... Anyway, I loved it 😏
  6. Johny

    SEO Audit for a website?

    It is easy to do audit by yourself. You just need tools and overall knowledge of how your website is working... For example, I'm using Screaming Frog. It is very simple but enought to find out what meta data, alt-text for image, H1 is missing. Also, the are plenty tools to check you website speed and how much is it mobile friendly (Mobile-friendly test). For speed I use GT Metrix.
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  8. QHoster.com and yourlasthost.com provide VPS deals on sweet terms and I wonder which way is better to have a deal with?
  9. KVChosting.net and legionbox.com have VPS accounts which are attractive for me and need to know which plan should I sign up with?
  10. goody75

    VPS account to sign up with

    Have a look at VPS deals from hostingsource.com and hosting.uk as they are proven to be the best in delivering their services in a quality manner. Good speed, fast support and no see down time yet! The best value at them is friendly support.
  11. Johny

    Setting Goals To Become Successful

    Have you ever heard about goal setting technique SMART? S - specific, simple M- measurable A - achievable R - relevant, reasonable, realistic T - time bond
  12. Johny

    Grammatical erros

    This is very common problem. Especially in bilingual websites. Thanks for sharing
  13. Johny

    10 Deadly Mistakes With Email Marketing

    I think in email marketing you need to be very clear and prepare a good value proposition.
  14. It's not only about buying links and advertising. Huge companies invest a lot in SEO. This means that they not only buy advertising and links, but also they have a bunch of programmers work on their website optimization (For example, does article have meta tags, meta descriptions; speed of website, is it mobile friendly or not, etc. ) I think you should contact a SEO specialist and consult about your case now.
  15. Johny

    How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

    I always try to find out why customer give me negative review. I contact that customers and they share some insights what aspects of product disappoints them and how they imagine this product could be improved. Don't silence your customers, you should appreciate their feedback and improve according to it
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  17. Johny

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    I have been using hostens.com for more than 3 years. They have a great customer support.
  18. Hi, can anyone share with me what are Shared Hosting advantages and disadvantages? 😊 Thanks
  19. Techie

    Choice vps in America

    Never heard of them - you can always ask for the test account to check their quality. Other VPS options you can check: kvchosting.net, knownhost.com, vpasland.com, libertyvps.net
  20. Techie

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    As far as I know hostingsource.com offers mostly US based hosting solutions, while qhoster.com mostly in EU, so your choice is about the location of the server?
  21. WiseWebmaster

    hosting for my project

    One would need to know more about your project to give proper recommendations. What kind of site is it? How much traffic do you expect? Why are you using PHP and MySQL?
  22. WiseWebmaster

    How to add addsense on website?

    What are you using to run the site? Are you using Wordpress? A free site like Blogger? We need more information to give helpful answers.
  23. I have adsense account but I don't know how to add it on website?
  24. Pheobe Downer

    How to start SEM?

    I found this link on google. Hope it helps. https://websitebuilders.com/blog/what-is-search-engine-marketing-sem-and-how-do-i-start/ Also, if need be, I suggest you ask professional help.
  25. Pheobe Downer

    hosting for my project

    Try searching online. I came across this list, and it also states the advantages that come with the purchase. https://www.top10bestwebsitehosting.com/CheapHosting-Comparison Hope this helps.
  26. Crossfer

    Wordpress templates

    There are many variants from different developers. If you want professional website I recommend to use something like this https://www.templatemonster.com/category/car-racing-wordpress-themes/. It is already search engine friendly, so you can easily optimize it for your exact needs and site specifics. You do not also need to worry how your site looks on other devices and browsers. Because templates are cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly.
  27. Pheobe Downer

    Wordpress templates

    Hi there. I was about to ask the same thing. I was thinking of creating a new WP but not sure where to find a good template. Hope someone here can help us. Anyone, please. Thanks!
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