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  2. outstanding

    VPS account to sign up with

    If you need SSD based service - I would rather recommend you kvchosting.net.
  3. outstanding

    VPS account to buy

    You always have an option to try them out. Check recent reviews. From the other hand you can always to check some other options like qhoster.com, vpsland.com or okayservers.com.
  4. I have account with cloudarion.com and so far no issues. I think that you can consider them as well.
  5. outstanding

    Need an account for hostng a Wordpress blog with

    You can also have a look and check warez-host.com. Use coupon code SAVEON20S and get 20% OFF
  6. Pheobe Downer

    How can a financial company improve compliance policies?

    Hi @Cherrysmile. Sorry it took me a year to read your reply. I didn't receive a notification. I guess my answer won't matter anymore :S
  7. Pheobe Downer

    Buying Backlinks

    Is it still effective when you buy backlinks or it will be just a waste of $$$? Thanks.
  8. Pheobe Downer

    Facebook or Instagram

    Hi. I need some of your suggestions. Which one is better when it comes to promoting your business? Thanks.
  9. Pheobe Downer

    Windows 8.1 is horrible!

    I don't either like Windows 8. My favorite is Windows 7.
  10. Pheobe Downer

    Best vacation

    The best vacation so far was our Boracay Trip. It's one of the best summer destinations in the Philippines.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Rockhoster.com and libertyvps.net provide VPS accounts in a webmaster-friendly manner and I wonder which plan should I have a deal with?
  13. These hosts - Exmasters and HostRound - are attractive for me and I'd like to know which way is better to follow?
  14. KVChosting.net and yourlasthost.com have servers which are attractive for me and I wonder which plan is better to sign up with?
  15. Legaplay

    Best vacation

    My favorite vacation was on Seychelles resorts. We were in the hotel Savoy 5* with my family. The room was quite spacious. The bed is one of the best we ever slept in. Very comfy. The whole hotel area is just beautiful. The pool is known to be the biggest in Seychelles. It is great! There is plenty of food to choose from and always a variety of meat and fish. Beau Vallon Beach(it is the longest beaches in Seychelles) is right outside of the hotel, here you can read about it https://savoy.sc/beau-vallon-beach/. Spa is the best in the world. I liked all! Highly recommend!
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  17. goody75

    Need an account for hostng a Wordpress blog with

    Services from mechanicweb.com and oissite.com are worth trying. Awesome top-notch hosting is available from them.
  18. goody75

    VPS account to sign up with

    If you ask me, I'd recommend you to use VPS accounts from QHoster and HostRound. Their support people are very attentive. I also have good feedbacks from visitors in regards to the server response time, which is most important for me. So far, everything seems to be meeting my expectations.
  19. goody75

    I need your advice

    You may use VPS accounts from hostingsource.com and digitalserver.com.mx. The support team is also good and they provide quick response. Plans are full-featured and servers are solid and reliable.
  20. Moonlightt

    Best vacation

    My favorite vacation was a Trans-Atlantic cruise that left from Copenhagen and ended up in Boston. Along the way it made a couple of stops in Norway, the Faroe islands, Iceland, Nova Scotia and then to Boston.
  21. Crossfer

    Best vacation

    What was your best vacation? Where do you been?
  22. WebMaster

    Offshore VPS deal to buy

    Use libertyvps.net with no hesitations. They are reliable, very helpful, and quick to assist with any question's you may have. They were up and running within minutes of installing , booting, solving Server problems by out of box solutions.
  23. I plan to buy a cheap and reliable VPS account and two hosts are in my mind: yourlasthost.com and hostround.com and I wonder which plan is better to stick to? What do you know about these hosting providers? I appreciate any input. Thanks.
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  25. Comparing VPS deals from rightservers.com and legionbox.com, which way is better to go?
  26. Hostingsource.com and oissite.com servers are able to satisfy all your needs. Their servers are as stable as a rock. The price is really good, the service is perfect and the control panel is friendly to use.
  27. Pheobe Downer

    murphy bed question

    If your purpose is for guest use only then it's good to have it. The best about it is it can be hidden and it will save space.
  28. Pheobe Downer

    Tiny house ideas

    That video is cool. Great ideas and suggestions!
  29. Pheobe Downer

    The best pillow

    I used Mediflow Waterbase Pillow. It's good for the neck.
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